Grease trap cleaning in Middletown NY

When it comes to grease traps you simply cannot afford to cut corners, particularly when selecting a company to provide scheduled regular grease trap cleaning. An improperly maintained system will inevitably create gigantic problems for your business, typically resulting in the closure due to unsanitary dining conditions as well as regulatory violations.

Most city codes require that grease traps are cleaned on a monthly basis or when they are 1/4 full of grease. If you setup a preventive maintenance agreement with United Sewer Service we will track your cleaning schedule for you. Also, we work around your schedule by coming in early in the morning or late at night.

By having a grease trap maintenance schedule in place you will also gain peace of mind when it comes to budgeting your sewer and drain cleaning costs. It allows service when it is convenient for you, and importantly reduces the likelihood of an expensive emergency. By partnering with United Sewer Service you can focus on making great food, and let us worry about your drains and grease traps.