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Our trained grease trap cleaners inspect your Middletown NY grease trap system, checking closely for any warning signs and also will suggest the most appropriate service frequency and maintenance plan to help keep your system running smooth. (Read More)

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When it comes to grease traps you simply cannot afford to cut corners, particularly when selecting a company to provide scheduled regular grease trap cleaning. An improperly maintained system will inevitably create gigantic problems … (Read More)

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Maintenance can save up to 60% of emergency grease trap prices. Maintenance means you will avoid those costly backups that always seem occur at the worst possible time. United Sewer Service will track your maintenance schedule … (Read More)

All Middletown NY food service establishments which introduce grease or oil into the waste water system need to employ a grease trap system in order to remove fats, oils and grease (FOG) and solids from waste water.

These grease traps work to allow water to exit, whilst trapping the grease and solids to prevent them from entering the sewer line. Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors, grease recovery devices and grease converters) help prevent blockages that can result in sewage overflows, rancid odors and the potential for expensive repairs. But, the traps must remain clean and free of sludge to operate correctly, and the grease trap waste must be disposed of properly. Otherwise, restauranteurs are liable for the damage caused by improper disposal of the waste, and may be subject to penalties and fines for illegal dumping and groundwater contamination. United Sewer Service are expert grease trap cleaners.

We provide regular scheduled preventative maintenance of restaurant grease traps in the Middletown NY region and then efficiently recycle the waste trap grease. In order to comply with the City of Middletown NY environmental regulations, our comprehensive documentation policy provides a complete history of what happens to your trap grease. The means you can be confident that the disposal of the grease has being handled properly.

Our pumping service cleans the traps and properly recycles your grease trap waste documenting each step of the process. (888) 845-2564